Hi, my name is

Aleksander Garbuz

I am a


🏆 Science Fair Winner 🏆

Earth & Space Science Research

3rd place winner in the Jersey Shore Science Fair and the Deleware Valley Science Fair for a project making a correlation between increasing surface temperatures and the albedo of common building materials.

Passion Project

Autonomously-Controlled RC Plane for Agricultural Surveyal

Created a 5ft working RC plane out of foam board and soldered electronics based on the Storch aircraft. Addiitonally, I created a machine learning model based on the YOLO-v8 architecture, that takes in footage from a drone/plane and can highlight objects on the surface (Fire, weeds, animals, humans, etc.)

🌎 Governor's STEM Scholars

Albedo Research

A research project done through the Governor's Stem Scholars Program. An analysis of the albedo of the Earth and it's relation to weather events.

🏆 Hackathon Winner 🏆

Solar Assistant

A project done through the AlphaHacks Hackathon concerning data analysis and web development


⚙️Currently Working On⚙️

Aerospace Engineering

Independently studied aerospace engineering through a college level course in order to complete a passion project.


⚙️Currently Working On⚙️

Machine Learning Research

A self-study project focusing on the implications of machine learning and how to use it effectively.



I enjoy doing any research related to Physics whenever I can. I have previously completed in the Jersey Shore Science Fair and won 2nd place in the Physics category and I plan on going back this year.



School Involvement

I love to get involved around my school wherever I can. I am the president of the Science Competition Club, president of the Science Olympiad team, Vice president of Acaedmic Team, TSA competitor, and hold a leadership position in the business club



As the Director of Logistics of Youth Social Venture Capital (YSVC), I help manage a grant opportunity for new sustainabilitly-focused companies around the world. Sourcing $25,000 through fundraising and partnering with a entrepreneurialship-focused company name YEFA, we hosted a grant competition for new companies with a environment focus. I also enjoy competing in competitions relating to finance and the analysis of stocks.



Playing the Cello

For the past 8 years, I have been playing the cello. I am the first chair cell of the Manalapan Youth/Regional Orchestra and have made my own ensemble to volunteer in my area.



One of my favorite things to do is help my community in any way that I can. I am a mathematics and English tutor for the nonprofit learn to be, where I create lesson plans and teach students who can not recieve external help otherwise. Additionally I have been part of BBBS (Big Brothers Big Sisters) an organization focused on helping the underprivileged students in Long Branch, New Jersey. Additionally, I am a board member of Journey-to-med, a program that aims to help students that plan on applying to medical school or are simply interested in STEM.


Contact me 👋

I am currently focusing on physics-based work, though I am open to anything!

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